The special story in DOB vol.2 is about Scepter 4’s cherry-blossom viewing. Fushimi is invited by Hidaka and he about refusing it but Fuse says this is also a part of work (in a harsh way) and Fushimi accepts it. Munakata also comes and he says it’s rare to see Fushimi takes part in this kind of activity. Awashima brings Munakata a red beans dish and Munakata’s face is like ‘oh shit’ lol. Also, Munakata looks at Fushimi’s face and asks if he is thinking about his ‘former home’, then Fushimi asks why and Munakata answers because Fushimi makes a face like that. Fushimi also asks if Munakata is fine since a lot of things happened in last winter, such as Munakata killed a acquaintance of him by his own hands. Munakata says he just fulfilled god’s will and he his road hasn’t ended yet. Anw nothing special but a warmhearted story though.