Yata Misaki’s side story “Birthday”


original text scanned by tsukareteru-tako; this side story is given out this week before the movie screening

written by Azano Kouhei (Green)

It was a hot and humid, awful day. Yata who had come to the bar HOMRA, frowned without thinking about the hot air filling the shop’s interior. The air didn’t move. It even seemed like a bad smell hung in the air. Just then Yata clicked his tongue.

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Gakuen K dramaCD: Summer Arc - Pillow Fight


I’m not sharing entire CD but I cut out the pillow fight scene between Fushimi Saruhiko and Yata Misaki! It’s simply too delicious not to share!

Kuroh, Shiro and Yata was playfully throwing pillow at each other when Yata suddenly go “WoooOOOOOPS!! MY HANDS SLIPPED!”



Shiro: Wah! I was somehow expecting this development. The pillow hit Fushimi square in the face!

Yata: Oops, my bad. Looks like a stray bullet hit the target~

Fushimi: Mi~sa~ki

Yata: Though it is partially your fault, Saru. Since you were just standing there fidgeting with your phone, I mistook you for a monkey’s ornament.

Kuroh: F-fushimi…

Fushimi: We are going to have a pillow fight right? Let me in too.

Yata: Don’t you meant, please let me in too, idiot Sar-

Kuroh: Y-yata was blown away, to use their powers in such a trivial matter…

Fushimi: It’s a stray bullet… though I didn’t feel a shred of remorse for it.

Yata: How was that A STRAY BULLET! You bastard winded up with all your might didn’t you!

Kuroh: The vase is in pieces!

Fushimi: You were the one that started it! Get hit by the pillow and die! 

Shiro: Wow, it made a hole in the wall. 

Yata: Shut up! It was because you cheated in Poker! 

Fushimi: How many years was that! Besides it is your fault for not being able to see through the trick idiot! 

Yata: You finally admitted it didn’t you, you damn monkey! Horaaa!

Shiro: This is no longer a child’s play like a pillow fight, it has turn into a pillow war! 

Kuroh: Shiro. Shiro! 

Yata: DIE!


Kuroh: That’s enough you two!

Yata: Don’t interfere! 

Fushimi: I will end you first!