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If you get this say 5 good things about yourself then send this to 10 of your favorite followers ❤

Kyaaaa! Thank you so much :D I’m so happy that I could answer…

1. I’m a dreamer and always believe in happy end!
2. I never spend more money than I have xD
3. I have many interests and I always have time for them.
4. Boobs… What? >/////< I really like it XD They are big and soft and my cat has a place to sleep.
5. My height. Small girls are cute xD

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It's so sad... Why are U not friends anymore? But it still must be a lot of fans od K in your country, don't give up!

Hello, dear Anon :) Thank you so much for your question.

This is long story but I’ll try to explain it. 
At start I’m sorry about my english I know I still make lots of mistakes. 
We were friends for seven years. We spent a lot of time together. We were chatting with each other, writing RP or just going somewhere. Everything was alright until she found another friends than me. First of all it was something like “Oh, it’s not a big deal… She just has another friends than me… I don’t care.” That was what I thought but I of course I was jealous. In addition she fell in love and it was worse and worse. But I wasn’t angry at her. I was angry at myself because I knew it was my fault that I felt so lonely. I could just find another friends too, right? Or I could start hang out with my friends who I have… But they aren’t interested in anime that much and I really don’t trust new people. I’m so shy in reallity and I’m scared that people don’t accept me and they’ll be rude, so when I meet someone new, I can’t say anything and this is really hard for me to make new friends. So I was waiting. I thought it’ll be better with time but it wasn’t. It was worse. She is studying at university and she had hard time when she had to learn a lot.  We started to talk once a week… She wasn’t interested in me anymore. She forgot to wish me a happy brithday and ask how my matura exams come… But in the same time I didn’t say anything. Because I thought she was busy, she has to learn and that’s why she hasn’t time for my. I didn’t want to be egoist, so I was quietly. It took me six month but once… When it was really bad with me… I said… it. I said “Hey, you know… I feel really bad with this situations, you don’t have time for me and I’m so lonely now” Of course she apologized and I forgiven her everything in one second. I belived that it’ll be only better… It wasn’t. We were talking a little bit more but not really… But… I calmed down. Because even if we did’t talk that much as earlier we still has each other. Some time elapsed and then I noticed that something is wrong again. Everytime we were talking, we talking only about her problems… There wasn’t anything else. Of course first of all I tried to listen all of them properly and help, because we were friends and it’s friends duty to help each other and be when we are needed. But it lasted three month when we were talikng few times a week and she had a problem everytime - with her love, with parents, with study. In the same time a have a big problem with my parents (bigger than usual). So with her problems and my own problem I started to feel depressed and dejected. But I didn’t want to complain… how could I complain when my friend got a problems? That was so stupid and egoist for me, so even if I felt bad I didn’t say anything again. But I started to be angry when I saw that even with all her problems she still had a great time with her new friends… They took a part at events, they were cosplaying. So… If she could make fun with that people, why she couldn’t do the same with me? Why don’t we talk about anything else than her problems? I analyzed all of them and I noticed that the most that problems were very trivial. But I still thought it’ll pass and it’ll be better… Or I was just scared to lose her. It wasn’t better at all of course, so one time when at start our talk she started complain about her parents I had enough. I thought… “WTF? WAIT… You… You know that my father is aggressive and he humbles me and my mother really don’t care about it… And you are talking to me that your parents are awful because they want take you at holiday and you don’t want to go? Wait what? What the fuck?!” Of course I didn’t say that… Like always. I was mad, so I closed my laptop with no one word. She was angry, I was angry… So when she asked, why am I not speaking up with her again I said everything. I said I have enough and we can’t be friends anymore, because I can’t deal with it. She has change, but I haven’t and that was the problem. Of course she said that I’m a fucking egoist… We had a fight… I was rude, she was rude… Too many words were said. But I was happy that she was rude. It was easier for me to say myself I was right and it was a good decision to break up our relationship when she called me a bastard or egoist… Because I know that if she would start to apologize me I’ll forgive her everything. So I provoked her. Because if we make our friendship up, nothing will change. She can’t change and I even don’t want she change. She is fine where she is and I am fine where I am. And I don’t want feel hurt again. Life is still going… And sometimes I just still have that really weird feeling when I’m jealous of seeing photos where she is happy with her new friends and then I thought “You shouldn’t be happy when we are not friends anymore!” and in the same time “I don’t care.. Do what do you want…”.
Sometimes I wonder… Does Saruhiko provoke Misaki because he knows that if Misaki would start to apologize him and try to be nice, he will forgive Misaki everything? Because he still miss him, still love him, but in the same time he knows they couldn’t be like in the past? And if they couldn’t he doesn’t want their friendship? I think this is easier when someone we still love hates us… It easier to tell ourselves that we don’t need that person in our life anymore :)
I’m not like Saruhiko anyway xD Even if I have a problem with my parents and I lost my friend I still think that happines doesn’t mean avoiding bad moments in our life but catching this good one!
This is such a big difference between two of us. And I don’t have a glasses… Yeah, glasses are very important here!
And I start hang out with my another friends now :D And I have you guys ! :)

And even if we are not friend anymore, this one person still can count at help from me when she needs it :)
We don’t want kill each other I think…

Ah… That was so long and I’m so tired xD It’s really late in Poland now, so I apologize if I made mistakes… (Oh, of course I did xD I know that xD).
But this is all story about me and my friend.

I hope you are satisfied, dear Anon :)
Have a nice night!
And of course never give up and fight with all strenght you have!

Anonymous asked:

Ohh... that must be a bit lonely then, I guess... but dun worry, your english is pretty good so I you can still fangirl around here with a lot of people regardless of nationality, right: :)

Hello, dear Anon :)

Oh, thank you very much! :D I think I still have to learn a lot if we talk about my english. But I’m glad that tumblr is full of kind people and I could talk with them about K and Sarumi and they don’t really care about my “small english mistakes” xD

Have a nice day!

misemonogatari asked:

No no, aż taaaaka samotna w fandomie K to tutaj nie jesteś ;P Aż dziwię się, że Francesca aka Kainight Ci nigdy nie wspomniała, od początku wie skąd jestem...

Hej! :D

Oczywiście, wiem, że w Polsce jest grupka osób, które można zaliczyć do fandomu K, ale trzeba przyznać, że jest to naprawdę wąskie grono w porównaniu do fandomów innych serii. Widać to chociażby na konwentach, na których cosplaye z K zdarzają się sporadycznie, nie mówiąc już o gadżetach, których wcale nie ma tak dużo :/ Na całym Animatsuri, które jest przecież dużym konwentem, znalazłam tylko jedno stoisko na którym sprzedawali poduchy z K i mieli tylko dwa wzory :( Niestety, patrząc na recenzje tego anime na portalach mangowych, można zauważyć, że K oceniane jest bardzo przeciętnie. Żałuję, że żadne polskie wydawnictwo nie zdecydowało się jeszcze wydać MoR albo DoB w Polsce. Może to by coś zmieniło! Ale może nadejdzie druga seria i może wtedy coś się ruszy :) Zawsze warto mieć nadzieję :)

W każdym razie… Bardzo się cieszę, że mogę z kimś porozmawiać na tumblerze po polsku. To miłe, nie musieć się gimnastykować z angielskim xD

Dziękuję, że napisałaś/łeś :)

Anonymous asked:

How big is the K fandom in your country? Is there anybody other of your nationality shiping Sarumi here on tumblr or are you the only one??

Hello, dear Anon :) Thank you for question!

K fandom in Poland is not really big. I feel like people here know K only from anime and most of them (at events, on the Internet) think that K sucks. This makes me sad because I know that characters on anime was really more flat than on mangas or novels. Misaki, Fushimi, Izumo, Reisi… all of them are more interesting after read something more about them.
Well, I don’t know there is someone else on tumblr who is shiping Sarumi and is from Poland. If there is someone, please, let me know :) I have few questions in polish but these aren’t about Sarumi or K. In the past, I was shiping Sarumi with one person but this end at all, because we are not friends anymore. In the same time I have another friend, she really doesn’t like yaoi, so she become angry everytime when I try show she doujinshi or AMV’s with Sarumi… But… Even if she really doesn’t like yaoi, she said that she can not imagine Saruhiko with someone else than Misaki. xD
Anyway, that was something like out of the plot, sorry :)

I hope you are satisfied, dear Anon :)

Have a nice day!

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